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Mindful Collectives

Free sessions for stress management.

Mindful Healthcare Collective

for healthcare professionals


We’re a collective of physicians who are also wellness experts dedicated to providing free, evidence-based sessions to reduce stress for healthcare professionals, particularly during this global pandemic.  Our primary mission is to help heal the healers so we can continue to heal others.  Stress levels are also high for the general public, and so we will also offer yoga, coaching for parents, and practices for children.


Check out the full website for more information on the collective and for links to other free resources. Subscribing to the website is required for receiving Meeting ID's and passwords to the Zoom meetings. 

Sessions are for all healthcare professionals unless otherwise specified.

If you are a healthcare professional, you can also join our Facebook group to get access to sessions and be in community.

Mindful Healing Collective 

For the general public

Inspired by the work at the Mindful Healthcare Collective, Drs. Ni-Cheng Liang and Jessie Mahoney have co-founded the Mindful Healing Collective for the general public. We recognize that stress levels are also high for the general public so we also offer yoga, coaching for parents, and practices for children. 

Sign up for emails on the the Mindful Healing Collective website here to get meeting ID's and passwords. 

Join our Facebook Group Mindful Healing Collective to join our interactive online community! 


*Even though we are physicians, we are not providing medical advice.  Consult your healthcare professional for any questions or concerns. 


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